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Filsinger Park Naturalization


City of Kitchener


The Filsinger Park Reach 2 Stream Naturalization Project was intended to restore a concrete-lined channel back to its natural, historical form. This was done to promote fish habitat as well as prevent sediment from flowing into Victoria Park Lake further downstream.


The project was completed between major roadways, extending over an approximate project distance of 1,300 meters. Part of the project was the removal of 1,300m of concrete channel to allow for the construction of the natural channel design, which included woody-debris-filled corners and log/rock grade-control structures. This required the removal and replacement of 2 pedestrian bridges, construction or restoration of 1km of asphalt and screenings pathways, and all associated bioengineering/landscaping works to grade the park and protect the site from erosion.


Erosion and sediment controls were installed and inspected regularly on-site as well.


The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, exclusively by R&M forces with the exception of the asphalt installation, which was sub-contracted out.

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