Oakville Tannery Park:

Phases 2 and 3

Armourstone groynes, American Eel habitat structures, trails and walkways

The town of Oakville was looking to improve and protect the shoreline of Tannery and Waterworks Parks while also offering a more enjoyable experience to the park patrons.


In Phase 2, we placed of approximately 12,000 tonnes of armour stone along the Tannery Park shoreline in Oakville to create a walkable breakwater that would double as effective erosion protection from the wave-action of Lake Ontario. Fourteen American Eel habitats were installed and a sanitary sewer outfall structure was removed and replaced as part of the overall construction.

Phase 3 involved general park re-grading and improvements to the parking lots and drainage systems as well as the installation of walkways, park furniture, lighting, landscape seating features, and interpretive art and signage.